Unique Cabin 2 by Maddison Architects

Cabin 2 is a residential project completed by Maddison Architects.
The 1,184-square-foot home is located in Blairgowrie, VictoriaAustralia.

Cabin 2 by Maddison Architects:
“Cabin 2 is a self contained extension to an existing 1960s log cabin located in bay side Blairgowrie. The surrounding coastal Moonah woodland forgivingly hides a suburban-like density of houses and network of winding roads free of formed kerbs, gutters and footpaths.
The new architecture is informed by and embedded into this landscape. The folding roof grows out from the topography to act as a new type of landform. Its supporting pre-fabricated skeletal frame appears influenced by the prevailing wind forces that shape the surrounding Moonah trees. The roof directly reflects the internal volume, and the skeletal frame is fully exposed inside and out to convey a structural and architectural honesty. The monolithic plinth is purposefully part sunken into the land and hollowed out to emphasise a feeling of refuge and physical engagement with the site.”

Photos by: Will Watt