Classic Apartment Tartu Rebase Street by Atelier Thomas Pucher

Atelier Thomas Pucher designed Tartu Rebase Street. Created as a housing estate, the flexible concept located in Tartu, Estonia consisted of 444 apartments. Two worlds collide were created: the low-cost apartment life and the luxurious villa lifestyle, with wide access to private outdoor spaces by building penthouses on top of each other. 

The project’s total built surface was 29.200 square meters, excluding the parking facilities. The urban equivalent of villa living, a compact space was encompassed, organized into zones: the middle part of each building contained a spiral staircase with apartments organized around it. It had two rings of space: the inner ring close to the lobby and the outer ring living zone oriented outwards to the panoramas. The inner service ring was allowed to contain rooms like entrances, wardrobes, toilets, bathrooms and saunas, or kitchens. The living zones were protected in the outer ring from the noise of the lobby. With the flexible floor plan, inhabitants were allowed to create personalized interiors that can last up to generations.

image source: freshomedesign