Inspiration House Renovation of an Apartment in Paris by Atelier DCCP Architectes

This apartment renovation was carried out by Atelier DCCP Architectes in 2014.
The private residence is located in ParisFrance.

Renovation of an Apartment in Paris by Atelier DCCP Architectes:
“This apartment situated at the 6th floor of an old building was reorganized by the Studio DCCP architects, held by two architects Caroline Delolmo and Pauline Cabouret. Formerly confined under attic, they decide to appropriate the space to create a higher volume and add a top to the apartment following the example of a mezzanine to make it arrangements and additionally guest room.
The maximal use of the allowed volume permitted the creation of day well and to play with openings as artist’s window to create a transversality throughout the apartment. By enlarging the living room this breakthrough thus plays with the light and makes the atmosphere change during the day.
The architects of The Workshop DCCP give an important place to design in their apartments. Livened up by certain design object as the stool “Bolt” of the designers of La Chance or the chair butterfly in painting(cloth), leather and copper-colored iron. They know also how to imagine furniture with salvaged materials as hexagonal table made from pupils’ former tables put on concrete blocks .These objects come to separate the forms and to complicate the furniture to give a fresh and sophisticated touch.
The kitchen totally opened on the living room is designed as a work plan/work-top where appears only fewlittle of elements relative to the kitchen, all the furniture being to hide in cupboards without wrists to give a smooth aspect. The stone floor on the ground echos the painting of the wall of the kitchen, the dark and clear tones gives relief to the room and to the stay, in total opposition to the completely white chamber.
In an atmosphere at the same time cocooning in the stay and purified in the chamber, materials become entangled with harmony, the steel confronts with wood and with linen fabric. The light is also an important element been looked after in inside made by DCCP. They often use the light spread by filament bulbs what gives a soft and warm light, besides, to variable intensity.
Artist’s window is a main element of the apartment, to keep the transversality of the space and the bright transparency from a room to the other one, artist’s window positions here as a window between rooms, occultable according to the desires. It calls back the structures Steel found on the construction site during the renovation.”
Photos courtesy of Atelier DCCP Architectes