Minimalist Design Beautiful Interior Design Accessories Creating Eclectic Residence

Skillful creation in eclectic taste of this contemporary residence employs bountiful interior design accessories to liven up the nuance in lovely style. Cleverly crafted by Godrich Interiors, various kinds of furniture and decors are composed in harmonious fixture eliciting a beautiful space with the modish comfort nuance. Starting on this musical room, helpless statue greets with its very artful beauty contrasting the style of recent lamp fashion. Dramatic charm of the flowery curtain makes this space to be like a jungle of colorful flower. Modest style of the desk and chair complete this multifunction living room.

Keep the recipe books in the island base shelves; this practical space has some touch of industrial scheme from the trio pendant lamps. It clashes with vintage style f the sleek countertop island. Introducing another feature, the quartet stools tell about modest contemporary seats that really meet with this cooking area encounter. Clear glass doors of the dining area capture the beauty of outside garden which can be the pretty background to have a delightful meal. Colorful lounge has the chic lady painting as the focal point. Triple colors of the pendant lamps introduce the unique decorative accessories that exude whimsical lighting.
A long purple rug gives special leading to the bedroom. The smooth fabric is a nice bare foot comforter. It is a fantastic interior of the children private room with friendly design for the sweetheart. More wonder is in the bathing zone interior, the spacious space lets the freedom supporting the movement in cleansing the body.
Still in eclectic interior style, double mirrors may tell about handsome and gorgeous faces to every soul who looking at the stylish curvy edges. Lovely chandelier shines with the crystal charm enlightening the bathroom interior. Just let a simple glamour staying on this private corner, the bloody painting accompanies with all his silence. Mating with archaic style fireplace this fixture complies with unique home decor accessories as the interior finishing.

image source: hometrendesign