Nature Design House in Vilnius by Aketuri Architektai

House in Vilnius is a private home designed by Aketuri Architektai in 2013.
The home is located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

House in Vilnius by Aketuri Architektai:
“A house that is integrated into a densely urbanised slope of a historic Vilnius suburban area dictates a new quality and aesthetics. The structure comes in contrast with it‘s surrounding architecture – wooden wreckage from the begining of the 20th century and gigantic residential houses of early Lithuanian independence years that might remind a small school rather than a residential house. Even so, the house remains cultured, eligible and appropriate while firmly stating the new level of architectural value.
A cube-like wooden volume is integrated into the surrounding landscape of old pine trees and slopes, while containing all rationally sized rooms that a family of four might need.”
Photos by: Norbert Tukaj