Chic Living Room Decorating Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

Bathroom with a mix of Asian and Hawaiian styles [Design: Smith Brothers]
A touch of class for the modern bathroom [Design: Leicht Küchen AG]

Natural and Sustainable

Speaking of bathrooms with a calming, natural vibe, the trend of turning towards eco-friendly, sustainable design in the bathroom is expected to blossom in 2015. Natural materials such as wood and bamboo bring inviting warmth to a bathroom that otherwise has a sleek, contemporary appeal. Since white, gray and other neutral hues are preferred in these elegant spaces, these materials also usher in gorgeous textural contrast. If you are willing to go further, then think of a beautiful living wall that will bring drama and natural goodness indoors. For a simpler look, add a few indoor plants and creepers in a smart way to transform the bathroom environment.
Green living wall for the contemporary bath [From: Habitat Horticulture]
A blend of contrasting textures in the modern bathroom [Design: Amelie de Gaulle Interiors]
If vertical gardens seem like too much work, then you can opt for a quick renovation that opens up the bathroom towards the private garden outside. For those blessed with bathrooms surrounded by a lush green, forest canopy, this task becomes even simpler. No matter what the style is, try adding a dash of nature for a cooler bathroom!
Elegant and unique industrial style bathroom [From: KuDa Photography]
Fabulous natural landscape adds to the appeal of the bathroom [Design: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers]
Forest outside adds to the aura of the bathroom [Design: FINNE Architects]
Wood adds natural warmth to the bathroom [Design: Mark Brand Architecture]

Brilliant LED Lighting

Lighting always plays a crucial role in shaping the final look and feel of pretty much any room in the house. A thing to note about bathroom lighting is that you cannot really switch between the trendy pieces all too often, as many of them are fitted into the wall and often will be used for years to come. So following fleeting trends might not be the best idea here. Having said that, the use of brilliant LED lights for both ambient and accent illumination is not a style statement that is expected to die down anytime soon.
Lighting steals the show in this stunning bath [Design: Douglas R. Schotland Architect]
LED lighting coupled with the bathroom mirrors [Design: DKOR Interiors]
This is indeed a safe bet, and you can combine intuitive LED lighting with a great chandelier at the heart of it all to shape a truly spectacular bathroom. As an added bonus, you will also be making substantial cuts on your energy bills once you make the switch.
LED Lighting brings a unique aura to the bathroom [Design: Dumican Mosey Architects]
Glass sink with beautiful LED Lighting [Design: Keir Townsend]
Master Bathroom with floating bench and brilliant backdrop [Design: 186 Lighting Design Group]

A Sense of Warmth

People have endured harsher winters globally in the last few years, and with the colder days seemingly getting longer, radiant heated floors are becoming a ‘must’ for posh, modern bathrooms. Heated flooring brings luxury to your beautiful bathroom, and the under tile flooring can be extended to heat even shower benches and towel racks. You never have to deal with cold feet again after embracing this hot bathroom design idea!
Luxurious bathroom with heated floor [Design: Megan Meyers Interiors]
Radiant heated flooring and LED lighting for the modern bathroom [Design: Graf Developments]
Stylish bathroom with pops of orange [Design: Jody Brettkelly]

Heated floors bring spa-like comfort to the modern home [Design: Domiteaux + Baggett Architects]
Contemporary bathroom with heated floors [Design: KBCD Developments]