Beautiful House Japan The Japanese Wooden House by Suppose Design Office

This wooden house designed by Suppose Design Office is very natural. The single family house is located in Seya, YokohamaKanagawaJapan. Stand on a small site located in a residential area, the scale is very important thing in the architecture to create a new relationship between the nature and architecture. Because of the owner’s work as a florist, the house design features the outer space to create an uncompleted space to give the quality of the space and true strength to the versatility of the space. An uncompleted space creates a new relationship between the internal and external spaces. A garden is behind its walls, while a roof terrace is beneath a ceiling. On the ground level of the three storeys house, there are bedrooms, which are led by one staircase. The living room, which is led by another staircase is on the first level, while the upper level, there are the terrace and a bathroom, which are separated by glass.

image source: freshomedesign