Tropical Design Wonderful Seaside Home Retreat Design as Perfect Place for Refreshing

Nearby the Norway coastal line in Holmestrand, Schjelderup Trondahl Architects builds a marvelous seaside home retreat design within a nice composition of rustic and contemporary architecture. Refreshing atmosphere of this rural area grants plentiful refreshing nuance of beautiful waterfront view and lush verdant panorama. At a glance looking, dull wooden structure of the facade reveals the rustic side of this house style, while the trim brick wall tells about contemporary touch. It always becomes a wonderful time to spend the off days in this magnificent home for the tranquility and beauty can reduce the stress of mind.

The rustic style of the exterior hides abundant of comfort within simple interior design. This sitting area is a special spot to feel relax and enjoy the stunning view over the glass window. The sofa offers softness to seat and have casual conversation. Contemporary couch provides a private seat with smooth furry fabric as the additional comforter. Charming glow of the lamp brings some reminiscent of old designed home with an Edison lamp as the single lighter. This modest interior translates the coziness of the seaside home retreat designs in homely nuance.
Spending the day in this retreat does never mean to leave the duty for job accomplishment. This clever set of working desk grants stylish comfort for every workaholic one to keep in touch with the project of his/her job. Brilliant kitchen fixture almost hides the boredom in preparing the meal. Sleek countertop of this fixture is a precious composition to exhibit the cleanness and prettiness of cooking area.
Clear glass window brings the outside beauty to accompany the chef as if it is so close to nature while cooking the dinner. It adds some touch of extravagance in doing activity in this area. The modest luxury also covers the realm in the bathroom interior. Every detail of the fixture revives the charm of the beach house design ideas to serve the dweller with practicality in simple glamour.

image source: freshomedesign