Amaze White Casa CBB by Mauro Soddu

Casa CBB is a private residence located in Cagliari, Italy.
It was designed by Mauro Soddu in 2014.

Casa CBB by Mauro Soddu:
“CBB House is an interior renovation work in a historic building in the town centre of Cagliari. The buyer, a young couple, desired to have a space for holidays and relaxing weekends, inspired by the inputs “discovery, material, contemporary, light”. The captivating discovery theme is highlighted by the lack of doors (with the exception of the great master bedroom’s Indian main door) and the presence of passages concealed in the great mirrored wardrobe of the entrance (which allows the access to the guest area) and in the master bedroom’s wardrobe
(which allows the access to the main bathroom). The material travertine, in different surface finishings, permeates the flat starting from the floor to vertical walls and tailor-made furniture, and is accented by oblique and punctual lights. The home automation system allows the remote control of all house’s electronic systems. The interior staircase gives access to the overhead terrace, where a stunning view toward the harbour to south and toward Castello area to north can be enjoyed.”
Photos by: Cedric Dasesson