Classic Minimalist Design Luxurious Single Family Home Interior in Contemporary Clean Cut Design

Starkly angular form of this architectural style house conveys clever single family home interior in simple luxury design. A beautiful brainchild of Jasmine Mcclelland Design elicits comfortable dwelling for modern family including a private tennis court. Multiple glass walls make the indoor space to be more spacious since abundant of natural light freely overcoming the walls. It is so pleasing living room within borderless space. Easy connection to the other functional space lets the practical movement always in tune within the clean lining interior nuance.

Contemporary furniture contributes to creating the modernity in comfortable character.  The brown leatherette sofa welcomes everyone with all softness. Tossing pillows help to gain more comfort while loafing on this sitting area. Compatible fireplace can make some focus point of the heat direction. It is such a special interior feature that presents plentiful coziness with the room accessories. A stylish round coffee table looks so match even though in contrast style clashing with L-shape sofa in a fixture. This living room shows modish property type single family home design which is suitable to fill the interior.
Chic pendant lamp completes the simple prettiness that the dining furniture grants to serve casual meal. The kitchen has practical design in sharp and slim square counter. The glamour nuance continues even within the closet room. The small space has a dramatic design as if a discotheque floor with the hanging disco ball shining brightly upon sexy red wall.
Large space for bedroom reveals the exclusivity of this private area. Fancy interior style suits the luxurious theme that this house carries. However, spaciousness lets simple interior style as the completion. Beautiful pendant lamp exudes whimsical illumination pouring the modular pattern on the surrounding. Exploring more to the other spaces introduces the definition of single family dwelling in contemporary glamour interior design.

image source: freshomedesign