Shades of White by Mood Works

Shades of White is a private residence located in WarsawPoland.
It was designed in 2014 by Mood Works.

Shades of White by Mood Works:
“The space of this 140 metre square (1,507 square foot) apartment in the center of Warsaw, Poland is just seemingly ascetic. The interior of the house, was arranged by Mood Works studio in a way to give rest to eyes and full comfort of use. In the bright space there is also a space for art.
The key design theme of this space is pure white. Together with a natural light, coming to the space through the windows, it creates and enhances a beautiful game of chiaroscuro. One of the main goals of this project was to preserve the original layout of the space. With a just little modifications in the partition walls layout, it was possible to give a new expression and momentum to the space and create a light, airy feeling of the interior.

Simple, open layout with a distinct daily zone contains a living room, connected with a dining room, and a functional kitchen – with a sliding doors system, that can hide all appliances if they are not in use. There is also a private area, where the cosy bedroom, private bathroom, wardrobe and a laundry room can be found.
Those two areas are separated by partition wall with a mural art from Tymek Jezierski’s – polish graphic artist. It underlines a modernist character of a tenement house.”
Photos by: Rafał Lipski