Small House Interior Cliff Dwelling by Specht Harpman

Cliff Dwelling is a private home located in Austin, Texas, USA.

It was designed by Specht Harpman in 2013.

Cliff Dwelling by Specht Harpman:

“Suspended on a narrow limestone ridge halfway down a cliff overlooking Lake Austin, this home builds upon the frame of an existing 1970s-era structure. The renovation re-works the processional sequence into and through the house making it habitable for an elderly couple, enhancing engagement with the dramatic site, and incorporating elements that have personal importance to the owners.

The original entry was via a dangerous exterior ramp that ran from street level down to a front door, 25’ below. One now enters via a light-filled pavilion that overlooks the lake and opens onto a large rooftop herb garden. A sequence of stairs, supplemented by an elevator, descends through the three levels of the house, revealing views of both the lake and the limestone cliff.

Materials incorporated into the house include flooring that the owners salvaged and saved, furniture made from a collection of industrial parts, and stone from a quarry they frequented during vacations.”
Photos courtesy of Specht Harpman

Modern House Design of Bricks by Jolson

House of Bricks is a private home located in Melbourne, Australia.
It was designed by Jolson.

House of Bricks by Jolson:
“Divided over three levels, this newly constructed home draws inspiration from local vernacular with contemporary re-interpretation of warehouse living.
The architecture and interior design has been carefully considered to explore texture and colour. Inspired by our clients love of travel, the exposed patterned brickwork that characterises this project draws reference from woven rugs and kilims. The pallet of diverse materials carefully layers raw steel, exposed concrete and robust timber.

At the core of the building is a two storey tower of books that celebrates our client’s extensive literary collection. This dramatic wall of colour and text engages with the eclectic interior pallet.
The careful selection of lighting, furniture and rugs explore a relaxed use of block colour, fabrics, and refined craftsmanship.
House of Bricks is a holistic project that articulates our client brief through architecture, interior and landscape design.”
Photos by: Lucas Allen

Hiša M by SoNo Arhitekti

Hiša M was designed in 2015 by the Ljubljana-based SoNo Arhitekti.
The private residence is located in Slovenia and covers an area of 3,121.5 square feet.

Hiša M by SoNo Arhitekti:
“One-family villa M is located in an area, which represents a typical Slovenian landscape. That is why the design derives from standard architectural elements, from which, one is dominant – gable roof.
The house is made out of three elongated volumes with symmetrical gable roofs, which are set in a way that creates a dynamic ground floor organisation. It accommodates and serves the needs of the modern family and provides the highest level of comfort and quality living.

Uniformed facade and roof’s form emphasize the dynamic of the three volumes especially with the combination of dark and light colour shades as well as the use of the materials themselves – pattern of wood panels and fiber-cement panels.
Dark-light contrast facade complements the neighboring birch groves and its surrounding landscape. The final result presents a dream house for the investor and a quality addition to the Slovenian residential topography as well.”
Photos by: Žiga Lovšin

North TLV Home by Nurit Leshem

North TLV Home is a residential project completed by Nurit Leshem.
It is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

North TLV Home by Nurit Leshem:
“This is the new house of a family based in Tel Aviv, who purchased the plot of land adjacent to their home of the past 20 years.
The old house also stands on the same plot, but it was not possible to unite the buildings.
The designer faced the challenge of planning a new house that would harmonize with the old one and create a visual and functional connection between them.

An open space was formed between the buildings, and together with the landscaping and gardening this created a pleasant sitting area.
The new house was built on a plot of approximately 500 sqm (5,382 sqft) and has a built-up area of 120 sqm (1,292 sqft).
This house includes a separate unit and an expansive terrace used for hosting.
The terrace serves as the main hosting area of the old house and therefore features a kitchen with barbecue.
The terrace overlooks the swimming pool and the main house. The windows that surround it withdraw into built-in pockets and when they are opened, the open space feels like an integral part of the garden.
The finishing materials greatly contribute to the creation of harmony between the buildings.
The older house was entirely renovated and adapted to the family’s needs, which changed over the years, and the openings were altered and adapted to the overall space.”
Photos by: Amit Geron