Beautiful Villa by Petar Miskovic & Vanja Rister

Villa is a private residence designed by Petar Miskovic & Vanja Rister.
Completed in 2014, it is located in Rijeka, Croatia.

Villa by Petar Miskovic & Vanja Rister:
“The Villa is situated on the steep site above the central part of the town.
The southward descending terrain offers unobstructed panoramic view of the town and the port, bay, islands, and the mountain.
The house plan is a square divided into nine equal fields. The central field is empty – the garden. Peripheral fields contain rooms, each on its own separate level. They descend in a cascade around the central garden thus creating a spiral.
The house does not consist of ground and first floor but rather forms a continous topography. Twisting a simple series of rooms creates a specific architectural frame of family life.”

Photos by: Robert Les